Digital Innovations Seminar

Knowing where you will get your best ROI for your advertising dollars is confusing. We get it! There are so many new options out there for you. Some are great… some are a flash in the pan. Our approach has always been this

  1. Understand the end goal
  2. Understand the product
  3. Walk around inside the head of your potential customers
  4. Develop the creative to tell your story and connect to the customer
  5. Use the distribution channels that will not only reach your audience but get that crucial “conversion”

This will be a purely informational seminar on Digital Advertising products that are available to help you reach more of the right customers.

There are no upcoming dates set as of right now but we are always happy to do a private showing. Please reach out through the form below.

Video Production

It’s 2017. 60% of website visitors will watch a video before reading any text.

Video promotions have shown to be 600% more effective than print and direct mail combined.

Don’t just tell your story… show it! Our Creative Video Team will work to develop your story in a compelling way. The best part is, once it’s complete you can distribute it through all of your marketing channels. Email, social media, website, youtube, mobile, trade shows, video pre-rolls.

Learn about the video categories that can help your business

Graphic Design

Ready for impact?

First impressions can make the difference between a second date or a faded memory. We want to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward.

Digital Advertising

The Right Message, Targeted To The Right People.

Seven Mountains Creative builds online campaigns to get maximum ROI for our clients.

Whether your objective is to generate leads, sell product or drive brand engagement, our team of online media specialists can help accomplish your goals.  We offer campaigns that include Keyword Targeting, Behavioral Targeting, and Ad Network Targeting designed to target the exact audience you want to reach, to deliver the right message on the right device at the right time.


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Audio Production

You Sound Amazing!

Commercial Production, Voice over, Music and Jingle Production. We have a passion for audio that is hard to match. You could say that it’s our life’s work.

Take a listen.


7MC_Sound Wave


General InterestingThings

We have a pretty interesting job. Sometimes we remember to share the craziness… sometimes we don’t.

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